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Direct Mail Automation and its Personalization

Updated: Jan 18

Direct mail has been one of the most effective marketing tools for many years and is still an effective way to market goods and services today. However, with so many different marketing strategies available and so many different types of consumers out there, direct mail can seem complicated and ineffective. Direct mail automation allows companies to easily create and maintain direct mail campaigns that are successful and effective without having to hire a team of employees dedicated to this campaign.

Direct mail is simply a form of direct advertising that makes use of the mass printing of postcards, letters, or other printed materials to advertise a product or service right to consumers rather than through a third party distributor or printer. Direct mail services typically make use of automated direct mail automation software to streamline this simple campaign. With automated direct mail automation, marketers can create direct mail campaigns with the click of a button that automatically inserts text and images into postcard templates. This saves a marketer's time and money by making direct mail services more accessible and reducing the number of business expenses incurred during a direct mail campaign.

Another feature of direct mail automation is the ability to personalize marketing campaigns. Marketers can personalize campaigns with name and contact information of the consumer and provide information such as where they live, their likes and dislikes, their education and work preferences and so much more. This enables marketers to personalize each unit and make it unique to each consumer for maximum impact. By personalizing the inks and colors on the inks, marketers are able to greatly increase the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns by increasing their chances of converting customers into customers.

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